Welcome to the New inanewlight.org!

The first post on the new and improved inanewlight.org showcases photos from a recent adventure by the young women at Northwest Passage to the Penokee Hills near Mellen, WI. Under the guidance of local photographer Pete Rasmussen, our artists were able to not only experience the magic and beauty of this wild place, but also capture the magic with their cameras. We also had the incredible honor of meeting with Bad River Tribal Chairman, Mike Wiggins, Jr. Chairman Wiggins shared with the young women a deeply heartfelt account of the Penokee Hills historical and spiritual significance to the Ojibwe people. We are incredibly grateful to Pete Rasmussen and Chairman Wiggins for sharing their time and wisdom with us. Enjoy the photos and reflections below!

In a New Light

“Breath Taken” by Annaliese

Breath Taken. That is the best word to describe the feeling that consumed every inch of my body as I sat perched on the canyon wall. Everything seemed to make sense. It all clicked. Happiness shook my body to its core. Every life form was radiating with tranquil beauty. I felt more myself there than anywhere else in the world. This place was so pure, so untouched. This place is timeless.” -Annaliese
"Purple Pompom" by Makayla

“Purple Pompom” by Makayla

In a New Light

“Beautiful Flames” by Talise

“Hot as fire, cold as wind on a winter day
Fire is destruction
Cold freezes things inside and out.
Nature is the beauty of things
Nature is my remedy of the healing phase
Hot as the sun on a summer day
Cold as snow in a snow blizzard in the 
dead of winter
Hot and cold is the way nature makes me feel
about being here at Northwest Passage III” – Talise
In a New Light

“God Bless America” by Courtney

In a New Light

“The Future” by Annaliese

“When I take a picture it makes me feel like I can do anything. Fly, sing, or dance. But most of all, I feel I am a part of the world – like I belong.” – Annaliese

In  a New Light

“Lost Things” by Margaret Ann

“Being able to share these beautiful and magnificent pictures with you gives me joy. When I take a picture of a humble flower or small waterfall, I hope it will make you stop and stare and be mindful and appreciate life and the world. Sometimes we take advantage of life and don’t appreciate the tiny little bitty things of life. Also, if the pictures give me joy then hopefully they will give you joy. Take time to go outside explore take charge of your life and do amazing things – be who you want to be. You can take a picture and change the world. Show your work of art, whatever it is. Be you, because I am being me. Be proud!” – Margaret Ann


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