Introducing Dooskaabi

In June, 2013, Northwest Passage launched its newest photography project, Dooskaabi.  Centered at our Hayward Group Home, Northwest Oasis,  Dooskaabi aims to empower Native American youth to tell the story of the natural and culture landscape of their community, with a special focus on the Lac Courte Orielles Reservation.  The project blends training in nature photography and photojournalism, and connects youth with leaders in their community.  “Dooskaabi” is the Ojibwe translation of “open eyes.”  We hope this small sample of photos opens your eyes, and know that there are many more to come.  Enjoy!

Dancing, by Cody, 17

Dancing, by Cody, 17

Ordinary and Beautiful, by Jack, 17

Ordinary and Beautiful, by Jack, 17

“When I look at these leaves, it makes me wonder how something so simple and ordinary can be also be so beautiful.   Maybe nothing is ordinary.”

A Simple Bug, by Aaron, 17

A Simple Bug, by Aaron, 17

“A simple bug, no more than a basic form of life.  Yet at the same time, keeps going on day and night.”

Beautiful Bug, by Jack, 17

Beautiful Bug, by Jack, 17

“This bug is beautiful, even though it was as small as an ant. Nobody really notices something like this on a leaf. When you take the time to pay attention you can see the natural beauty in all things.”

"Eagle in Flight," by Brent, 16

“Eagle in Flight,” by Brent, 16

This is a beautiful sculpture at the LCO Ojibwe Veteran’s Memorial.

Run Away, by Cody, 17

Run Away, by Cody, 17

“Run away from your problems.  But when you look back they’ll still be in front of you.  When you look forward they stay behind.”

Beautiful, by Trent, 16

Beautiful, by Timmy, 16

“When you look out over the lake, the sun looks very graceful.”

Youthful Flower, by Aaron, 17

Youthful Flower, by Aaron, 17

“A youthful flower at its prime.  Of course, like all life’s things, it will die, but the earth will remember it through the tunnels of time.”


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7 responses to “Introducing Dooskaabi

  1. Elizabeth R

    The photography is beautiful!

  2. Wendy M

    Real beauty. Touching and wonderful.

  3. Susan

    These kids are so talented. Love the photos!

  4. Kim Lambert

    Stunning photographs! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to seeing more.

  5. Tibissum R

    Awesome job boys!!!

  6. Lisa Martin

    These are amazing pictures and everyone involved that have participated should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am proud. They are beautiful pictures you are all so talented. Thank you for sharing

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